7 Jobs for Students to Benefit More Than Your Bank Balance


Once inevitable part of being a student, is being broke. The cost of tuition coupled with rising expenses means students are frequently living on the breadline. This is why it is extremely common for students to take on part time jobs. Unfortunately sometimes this need to work can be detrimental to study and social life, both of which are integral parts of the college experience. Working in a bar might not be the best job to support your student life, so what job will be beneficial to you, in more than just a financial sense.

  1. Academic Tutor

You’re in college, so there is obviously something that you’re pretty good at. You need to use this to your advantage. Use your extensive knowledge of a subject you excel in to tutor other students. You can set an hourly rate straight from the outset to make sure you will be earning the cash that you need. Set yourself up with a blog or a website so prospective tutees can contact you easily. Make sure you have a plan to your tutoring strategy. E.g. there is no point just meeting a student once a week and working your way through a textbook, you need to clearly establish performance goals and work with your student to develop a plan of action to reach these goals.

  1. Babysitter

You might have thought your babysitting days were over when you left high school, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Babysitting can be a great way to earn some extra cash. You could even limit this work to the school holidays. That way you can save up the cash you earn for when you go back to college and limit the amount of time you will need to dedicate to making money at the expense of your studies.

  1. Office Assistant

An office assistant position will not just provide you with some financial security, but it is also provide you with marketable skills that you can take forward into your career. To find office assistant positions you probably won’t need to look much farther than your college campus. Every department will have office duties that need attending to and you could be just the person to do it.

  1. Residence Advisor

This job is slightly harder to come by, and you definitely need to get in early. However if you can get it, it will cover all the bases. The biggest benefit to being a residence advisor is that most of these positions will cover the cost of your room board and classes. You will be on call most of the time, but overall it’s a pretty comfortable position.

  1. Campus Tour Guide

You know every corner of your campus. You know where the best coffee shops are, and where to go to have a bit of quiet time. Why not impart this important information to others. You will need to have an outgoing and friendly personality for this position. If this is you then the insight you can give potential students and their families will be invaluable.

  1. Fitness Instructor

If you are one of those responsible students that don’t just live on pizza and beer but actually take care of themselves and work out, then this job might be the perfect one for you. Get in touch with your campus gym and see if there is an opportunity for you to start a class. Get all your friends involved and get the word out via social media. Not only will you begin to earn a steady income, but you will also feel the benefit of regular exercise.

  1. Teaching Assistant

Upperclassman are usually eligible for teaching assistant positions and this is not something you should ignore. As a teaching assistant you will get the cash you need, as well as supporting and furthering your academic career. It is a position that is only going to benefit your career, as the skills you will develop can be applied to almost any role. You will learn leadership skills, communication skills and also brush up on your teamwork. You will also develop great organisational and time keeping skills after the first few times of staying up all night grading papers.