The 5 Best Ways to Make Money That Never Crossed Your Mind !

Best ways to make money


The world is a pretty damn big place with opportunities everywhere. The trick is finding those opportunities and then embrace them. The truth that no one wants to hear is, you have to put in the work. Yes, there will always be exceptions to the rules, but that doesn’t mean you’re one of them.


The best ways to make money come from knowing what gets money. You might not necessarily get the most amount of money, but getting some money is better than getting no money right?


Garbage Diving


If you live in a suburb or even some cities, dumpster or garbage diving is real and can be profitable. In cities, we often see homeless reaching for scrap cans, but in the suburbs, the real money is in Scrap Metal and electronics. Scrap metal has a great resale value and pretty much all electronics use gold. If you can extract that gold, there is plenty of money to be made, especially considering how many electronic goods are tossed out these days. It’s not the fastest way to make money, but the market for scrap metal and gold will always be around. Even if you can’t find scrap metal all the time, you never know what else you might come across that could sell on eBay.


The Entrepreneur


It can be a little tricky, but we’re not talking about making the next Facebook or something. Any small time task can be turned into a small time business, like Dog walking.


One of the absolute best way to make money, is doing something you’re either passionate about or just love to do. If you love to bake, selling baked goods. Start small, maybe at a flea market or swap meet, and work up to a store front.


If you can make something with your hands, something industrial with steel or wood, or if you are good at knitting or sewing, start making something and then sell it online.



A lot of people might have missed this boat when they were younger, but you’re never too old to go back. Graduating with a college degree in a good field (not philosophy) can land you a great job. This is probably the best way to make money and how most people do it.


Virtual Employment

You’ll most likely need to have some administrative experience and some really good references, but being a virtual assistant is a great way to earn and save, since you’ll be working mostly from home. Most virtual assistant jobs can be done at your computer at home. The internet has made many virtual jobs accessible to anyone.


Virtual data entry jobs are also available widely on the internet, if you’ve got good typing skills, it could easily become a full time job.


Virtual employment jobs have a wide range of pay, some pennies, others upwards of $20 or more dollars, depending on the job. The beauty of it is, you won’t be spending needlessly on travel expenses or paying for expensive lunches when you’re already at home.


Working abroad


For the more adventurous types, working abroad can be wonderful. Many countries around the world are constantly seeking English teachers. Some places don’t pay as much as others, but the cost of living is so cheap, that even a pay of $40 USD a day, can let you live like a King.